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Thinking about reducing the sodium in your and your family’s diet? You’ve come to the right place! We’ll show you how extra salt sneaks into your diet and how it hurts your health, and share tips for kissing the excess salt goodbye. And be sure to keep checking our blog, the Salty Scoop, to learn more.

Here you’ll find the latest information on sodium and your health, healthy recipes, infographics, videos about lowering sodium, and our sodium quiz.

Sodium and Your Health

Sodium and Your Health
Learn about sodium’s role in a healthy diet and why a love affair with salt can break your heart.

Sodium Science: The Facts About Kids

sodium science
While sodium is necessary for health, most children eat more than what is safe and recommended. Learn the facts on conflicting headlines about sodium and salt in kids’ diets.

How much do I eat?

How Much Should You Eat?
Find out how much sodium the American Heart Association recommends and get tips for keeping track of how much sodium you’re eating.

Sodium and Kids

Most kids get too much salt in their diet, but you can help set them on a healthier path from the start.

Sources of Sodium

Sources of Sodium
Become a sodium sleuth – find out how salt slips into your diet, including the places where you may not expect it.

Sea Salt vs. Table Salt

Sea Salt vs Table Salt
Discover how sea salt and table salt might not be as different as you think.

How to Reduce Sodium

Breaking Up with Excess Sodium
Most of us are eating much more sodium than we need, even if we never pick up the salt shaker. Get tips on how to cut back on salt and sodium and move on to a healthier relationship with food.

A Primer on Potassium

What About Potassium
Find out how boosting your potassium intake can help you in the breakup with excess salt.


Recipes with Less Sodium
Get healthy recipes and easy tips for cooking with less salt and sodium. We have recipes in English and Spanish.

Sodium Quiz

Test Your Knowledge
Take our quiz to find out if your relationship with salt needs couples therapy!


Infographics on Sodium What's all the hype?
Learn more about sodium with these sharable infographics.

Sodium Videos

Salt Man
Sneaky Salt can be found everywhere! See where it’s hiding in these videos.

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