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School meals are getting a little less salty

What kids eat at school is important to their learning and their health. Just in time for back to school, we have good news. Companies continue to hear us: it’s time to offer healthier foods with lower sodium. And they’re...

10 Tips for a Healthy Back to School Season

Can you believe it’s that time of year? It’s back to school season, and many of you are starting new routines with your families. Is “eat less salt” on your back-to-school list? It should be!


New survey finds kids’ meals too salty and saltier in some locations than others

A new survey of kids' meals was released this week by the World Action on Salt and Health. It found that not only were the meals too salty, but also that the amount of salt per meal differed by location....

Less salt for kids today is a better chance at a healthy future

New paper sums up the science: Less salt for kids today is a better chance at a healthier future. A recent paper from the Journal of Clinical Hypertension sums up the science. It tells us that sodium reduction is beneficial...

More companies lowering sodium

We have good news. Companies are hearing that you want healthier foods with lower sodium, and they’re taking action! Here’s the latest success story.


New science reveals two key reasons to eat less salt

Many of us are finding that we can enjoy delicious foods with less salt. New science from the Journal of the American Heart Association adds even more support to our efforts to break up with excess salt. For about three...

Are you among the millions of Americans trying to slash salt?

There are lots of health authorities telling Americans to cut back on salt, but how many of us are actually heeding that advice? In a prior blog post, I shared results from an American Heart Association survey that posed this...

Help us thank Nestlé for reducing sodium - through June 30, 2015

Earlier this month, there was good news for everyone who is trying to cut back on excess salt—the multinational food company Nestlé announced it would reduce sodium in some of its frozen pizzas and snacks, without affecting their taste! The...

Warning labels could be coming for high-sodium restaurant items

Restaurant foods are notorious for being high in salt, and almost 25 percent of the sodium in Americans’ diets comes from these foods. Most of that sodium is added by the restaurant or its ingredient supplier before it gets to...