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The American Heart Association and Ad Council team up to get blood pressure down

Your heart might break up with you if you don’t treat it right! That’s the message of a new advertising campaign from the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association and the Ad Council. “Heart” is a caring friend under lots of...

Change the way you eat to lower blood pressure

You have to do more than just limit your salt to manage your blood pressure.

I like to talk to the patients I counsel about how certain foods can serve as “medicine” and help control blood pressure. In some cases, medication is needed, but a healthy diet can decrease how much you need or even help you go off it entirely.


Excess sodium hurts your health and your looks



Nine out of 10 Americans eat too much sodium

Like nine out of 10 Americans, your relationship with sodium could probably use some couples therapy. On average, Americans are getting more than 3,400 mg of sodium a day — more than double the 1,500 mg recommended by the American...

Salt vs. sodium: Are they the same?

Salt and sodium are often used interchangeably, but are they the same thing? Not exactly. Let’s shake out the facts! Sodium is a mineral that occurs naturally in foods or is added during manufacturing - or both. Naturally occurring sodium...

Highlights from our Twitter #SodiumChat

Yesterday the American Heart Association (@American_Heart) hosted a Twitter chat with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (on behalf of the Million Hearts Initiative, @MillionHeartsUS), and Everyday Health (@EverydayHealth). I’m pleased to report that the chat reached more than...

New video: “Don’t Let Salt Sneak Up On You” and Twitter chat

Hello, Salty Scoop readers! Summer is in full swing and the American Heart Association’s new campaign to end America’s excessive sodium consumption is ramping up. As we kick off the campaign, I’m excited to share a fun new video with...

I love you salt, but you’re breaking my heart

Remember those youthful summers filled with fun in the sun, vacations and maybe a sentimental love or two? While it’s fun to reminisce about those times, there’s another not-so-romantic love affair we should talk about, and that’s our country’s unhealthy...

Healthy eating habits start at home

Did you know that meals away from home account for nearly half the money Americans spend on food? Dining out can be hard on your heart, because restaurant food is often loaded with sodium. Don’t throw in the towel on...