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Change your Salty Ways in 21 Days

 Kick off 2016 by adopting a new habit. In just 21 days, you can: Transform your taste buds Find (and enjoy) foods with more moderate levels of sodium Reduce bloating Over the next three weeks, we will help you curb...

Top 6 sodium reduction victories and top 10 sodium blog posts of 2015

What an amazing year 2015 has been for sodium breakup! We now have over 98,000 people who support the sodium breakup campaign. It is inspiring to know how many of you are committed to eating healthier. This week we reflect...

General Mills Reduces Sodium Levels in Products

Another food company makes sodium a priority! Just in time for New Year’s resolutions, we have exciting news. Food companies continue to hear you: it’s time to offer healthier foods with more moderate levels of sodium. And they’re taking action....

Strategic and Sustainable Steps to Support Lower Sodium in School Meals

This guest post is by Chef Greg Silverman, Managing Director of Wellness in the Schools.

Many chefs, myself included, have spent years using salt, sugar, and fat to add flavor to foods in our restaurants and food service operations.


Infographic: Four Common Sodium Myths about Kids

Our new infographic gives you the facts about sodium for kids. We know that science supports reducing children’s sodium intakes. Our new infographic dispels some common myths, and explains the real facts, about sodium for kids. Check it out, and...

10 words to watch on restaurant menus

Reducing sodium to moderate, healthy levels requires action and partnership at all levels—individuals, healthcare providers, schools, professional organizations, public health agencies, governments, and industry. For example, this fall, NYC made an historic decision to warn diners when any food item...

Top 10 Tips for Tasty, Healthy Thanksgiving Meals

Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season with meals that fill us with memories and warmth. Unfortunately, sometimes an uninvited guest arrives during our holiday celebrations: sneaky salt.


The National Salt Reduction Initiative (NSRI): Coordinating with Industry to Lower Salt in the Food Supply

This is a guest post by Elizabeth Leonard from the New York City Department of Health & Mental Hygiene.

The Science is Clear: Most Americans Need More Moderate Levels of Sodium

The following guest post was written by Dr. Lawrence Appel. Have you seen conflicting news headlines about salt and sodium? Some people say we don’t really need to cut back on the salt we eat, while the American Heart Association...