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Most foods in grocery stores exceed "healthy" levels of sodium

Did you know that a food product has to meet specific nutrition criteria to be allowed to use the word "healthy" on its packaging? One criterion is the amount of sodium in the food. For most foods, the sodium level...

Pass by the Salt: Sodium and Older Adults

This blog post was written by Alexandra Lewin-Zwerdling, PhD, MPA, Senior Advisor with the AARP Foundation. It is estimated that older adults (ages 50+) eat more than 3,400 mg sodium each day - greater than 1,000 mg above their recommended levels. These...

Food Banks Promote Health for Families

 Hello Salty Scoop readers! Today I am pleased to turn the blog over to a fellow registered dietitian, Christine Rivera. Christine is the Community Health and Nutrition Manager for Feeding America, where she supports the nutrition education and health strategies of the nationwide network of food banks.


World Salt Awareness Week is here!

Did you know that today marks the start of the annual World Salt Awareness Week? It’s at least the 8th year in a row that the week has been coordinated by the UK-based organization World Action on Salt and Health....

Restaurant foods pack a heavy sodium punch

Restaurant foods are notorious for being high in sodium. Almost 25 percent of the sodium in Americans’ diets comes from restaurant foods. And it’s outside of your control, because it’s already added to your food by the restaurant before it...

Has your doctor told you to eat less salt lately?

Here’s the good news: more than half of U.S. adults (53 percent) say that they are watching or reducing the sodium they eat. And they’re especially likely to be doing so if a doctor or another health care professional advised...

Study of salt and wound healing stops short of advice to eat more

Have you read the headlines today about a “weird” benefit of eating salty food? That was the headline in Time magazine’s coverage of a new study from the science journal Cell Metabolism. Does the new study mean we can scrap the decades...

Nutrition experts issue latest diet advice

In the American Heart Association’s quest to help Americans build healthier lives, promoting healthy eating habits is a key strategy. Because nutrition recommendations are based on the best evidence available, they shift over time. As we gather more evidence and...