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Vote for Sneaky Salt, now through March 3!

You know Sneaky Salt, right? He’s the funny guy created by the American Heart Association to call out the excess salt hiding in a lot of our packaged and restaurant foods. He’s settled into a lot of our food before...

Many toddler foods are high in sodium

It’s safe to say that at one time, all of us had a toddler in our households or were a toddler ourselves. Many of you reading the Salty Scoop are probably caring for a toddler right now. And I’m sure that you are working hard to help your little one thrive. After all, many healthy habits can be formed in childhood – you have the power to set your child on a healthy path for life!

Taco Bell quietly reduces sodium

Taco Bell made media headlines this week with an announcement about its efforts to cut sodium in its burritos, tacos, and other fare. The restaurant chain, which is part of Yum! Brands (along with Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut),...

New study on salt and older adults shouldn't change sodium recommendations

Does your age make any difference as to whether you should cut back on sodium? A study published yesterday in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine looked at the effects of three different sodium levels among more than 2,600 people ages 71-80. The three levels were 1) less than 1,500 mg, 2) 1,500-2,300 mg, and 3) more than 2,300 mg.

Eat less sodium, get fewer headaches

If you’ve seen the AHA’s infographic about how excess salt affects your health and appearance, you may have noticed that headaches are among the health effects. A new study adds more evidence to back up the case for eating less salt...

Stand up for better nutrition for kids in 2015

Hello, Salty Scoop readers! For the last post of 2014, I am turning the blog over to my colleague Kristy Anderson, the American Heart Association's Government Relations Manager for Prevention. Kristy is an expert in nutrition policy issues, and in...

10 Food Swaps for Healthier Holidays

The holiday season is in full swing, so you’re probably enjoying your favorite holiday foods and are faced with all sorts of goodies at parties. A healthy eating pattern can still include reasonable portions of holiday favorites, especially if you can swap in some healthier ingredients.


America has some of the world’s saltiest pizza - here’s 5 tips for a healthier slice

Pizza – it’s a fixture of the American diet, with about 1 in 8 Americans eating it on a given day.


Craving salt? Try these 5 flavor alternatives.

Even though the vast majority Americans eat much more sodium than our bodies need, some people say they experience cravings for salty foods. It's debatable whether these cravings are just a mental thing or represent a true bodily need for...