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I love you salt, but you’re breaking my heart

Remember those youthful summers filled with fun in the sun, vacations and maybe a sentimental love or two? While it’s fun to reminisce about those times, there’s another not-so-romantic love affair we should talk about, and that’s our country’s unhealthy...

Healthy eating habits start at home

Did you know that meals away from home account for nearly half the money Americans spend on food? Dining out can be hard on your heart, because restaurant food is often loaded with sodium.


Spices and herbs helps adults reduce salt

How much sodium can you slash by using herbs and spices instead of salt when you’re cooking? One study tried to find out. In the first phase of the study, 55 adult volunteers ate meals that were lower in sodium...

Adults worldwide eat almost double the daily American Heart Association-recommended amount of sodium

Americans aren’t the only ones who need to break up with excess salt. Adults around the world get almost double the daily recommended amount of sodium, according to research published in the journal BMJ Open in December 2013. Researchers found...

Eating too much salt led to nearly 2.3 million heart-related deaths worldwide in 2010

How serious is sodium? Eating too much salt contributed to 2.3 million deaths worldwide from heart attacks, strokes and other heart-related diseases in 2010, according to research presented at an American Heart Association scientific conference last year. Researchers looked at...

Bread and cereal add the most salt to UK kids’ diets

Eating too much salt isn’t just an American thing. A study from March 2014 found that kids in London eat too much salt — with 36 percent of it coming from bread and cereal products. The UK has a program...