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Celebrate National Eating Healthy Day All November Long

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Yesterday the American Heart Association celebrated National Eating Healthy Day. On this day, Americans are encouraged to commit to healthier eating.

Celebrating National Eating Healthy Day is fun and easy—and you can celebrate it all November long! We provide a complete toolkit of materials and how-to information for workplaces, schools, individuals and communities.


Even though heart disease and stroke are the leading causes of disability and death among Americans, more than 80 percent of risk factors are preventable through the lifestyle decisions we make, like making better food choices, getting plenty of physical activity, achieving a healthy weight, and not smoking. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and cutting back on sodium are sure to help you live healthier, and you’ll probably feel better too.

Most Americans get about half of the American Heart Association’s recommended 8 or more servings of fruits and vegetables each day. The equivalent of 8 servings is about 4.5 cups of fruits and veggies – a manageable amount when you can spread it across your meals and snacks throughout the day. Mix it up with fresh, frozen, canned, and dried varieties, just watch out for sugary syrups and salty sauces.

The American Heart Association has a free fruits and vegetable resource guide and toolkit to help you celebrate National Eating Healthy Day all November long. It has promotional materials, handouts, recipes, and much more. You can use it in your workplace, school, community or family and help your loved ones, friends, and co-workers take steps toward healthier living. Download the materials by visiting and then tell us how you’re doing in social media using #AHAeathealthy.

How are you celebrating National Eating Healthy Day this month?