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Cookbooks and recipes for lower sodium meals

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Did you know that eating meals away from home accounts for about half the money Americans spend on food? Meals on the go can be hard on your heart, because many prepared and restaurant foods have a lot of added salt. Cooking at home more often is a great way to start lowering the sodium you get.

Cooking at home requires a little bit of know-how, and the American Heart Association has terrific resources to help. With simple, nutritious recipes, the American Heart Association can help put you at ease in the kitchen.

AHA Recipes and Cookbooks

  • The American Heart Association's Heart-Healthy Recipes - Search hundreds of recipes that meet the association's nutrition criteria! Find heart-healthy meals searching by course, ingredient, lifestyle and AHA program.
  • Delicious Decisions Cookbooks


Low-Salt 4th Edition Cookbook CoverDon't miss the American Heart Association's latest sodium cookbook with more than 200 recipes, the Low-Salt Cookbook, 4th Edition. We also have the lifestyle book Eat Less Salt, which will teach you how to monitor the sodium you eat, reduce the high-sodium products in your kitchen, read and understand food labels, know which popular foods are salt traps, keep sodium in check while eating out and plan weekly menus with less sodium, without sacrificing taste.

Eat Less Salt Cookbook CoverThe book also includes 60 recipes and a toolkit with a daily sodium tracker, lists of smart pantry staples and substitutions, and more!

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