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Your Body was Designed to Move. Here’s Why.

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Your Body was Designed to Move. Here’s Why.

Inspired by a May 10 congressional briefing, "Creating an Active America Together" coordinated by the National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity.

“Exercise does the body good!” Raise your hand if you’ve heard that phrase from a parent or gym teacher. But, should it also be coming from Uncle Sam?


Helen Durkin, JD, president-elect, National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity, says yes and she’s far from alone.

“Whether or not Americans exercise regularly has a phenomenal impact on our nation. It is, in fact, an underappreciated nucleus for a strong America,” Durkin says.

Exercise is a big deal because it makes a big impact. Here are a few reasons why exercise holds more weight than a couple of dumbbells.

  1. Reduces the burden of chronic disease on our healthcare system.
  2. Helps our youth become more productive, contributing members of society.
  3. Reduces opioid use by helping with chronic pain management.
  4. Helps our first responders stay fit to keep us safe in times of emergency.
  5. Helps ensure we have enough volunteer recruits who can qualify to serve in our nation’s military.

Healthcare, workplaces and schools must work together to get and keep America moving to prevent and treat disease. This is a shared priority for the American Heart Association, whose overarching goal is to reduce death from cardiovascular diseases and stroke, and improve overall health.

Ready to help?

“Exercise does a body – and mind – good.” Tell us how you walk the talk in comments.