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Enter the #BreakUpWithSalt Contest

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Enter the #BreakUpWithSalt Contest

It’s time to go public about your breakup (with salt).

Share your favorite ways to #BreakUpWithSalt during Stroke and High Blood Pressure Awareness Month.


You know that some food companies add sodium to processed and restaurant food before it even reaches your table. That’s why the American Heart Association is looking for ways you limit sodium in processed and restaurant food.

Join the hack-a-thon, AKA our first #BreakUpWithSalt Contest!

Send us your creative tips, tricks and hacks for reducing sodium from processed and restaurant foods.

We’ll judge the entries on creativity and effectiveness, and the winners will receive:

  • First Prize: $250 Visa gift card
  • Second Prize: American Heart Association Cookbook and water bottle
  • Third Prize: New Add Color Recipe Booklet

Winners will also have their hacks published on our sodium blog and promoted on Twitter and Facebook.

Need some ideas?

Look beyond the salt shaker. About three-quarters of the sodium we consume comes from packaged, prepared and restaurant foods. Because most of the sodium we eat is in our food before we buy it, it makes it hard for people to limit how much sodium they are eating.

Check out how sodium can be sneaky to learn more about easy ways to reduce sodium throughout the day. Like to eat out? Check out more info on how salt sneaks into restaurant foods.

And, these articles can give you a good overview of how to reduce sodium:

Many parents break up with salt for their kids. Knowing the facts about the science behind sodium and kids is key.

Contest ended May 12, 2017.

Find out who won!