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Five Simple Healthy Holiday Swaps

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Five Simple Healthy Holiday Swaps

The holiday season is here. What a wonderful time to get in the kitchen and cook your family favorites. A healthier holiday is possible with a few easy swaps. This season, try our five easy swaps to celebrate a healthy holiday. Your family favorites will be flavorful, festive, and healthier!


Tell your friends about your favorite healthy holiday swap.

We want to hear from you! Tell your friends about your favorite holiday swap.


1: Use herbs and spices on your poultry rather than salt.

Tis the season(ings) for herbs and spices! Enhance the flavors of your poultry by using herbs like rosemary, thyme, marjoram, or sage. Want to spice thing up? Poultry rubbed with chili powder, cumin, or paprika can add a lovely kick, color, and flavor to your dish. And, spicy foods appear to lower blood pressure – another great reason to add some spice to your season. Let the natural flavors of herbs and spices complement your holiday meal with this simple swap.

2: Use lower sodium broth or stock to make gravy.

You can cook with lower sodium broth or stock in gravy, dressing, mashed potatoes, and holiday soups and stews. Once the dish is made, your guests can season the dish according to their own tastes. #BreakUpWithSalt this holiday season by giving your guests (and yourself) more control.

3: Make mashed potatoes with low fat or skim milk and soft tub margarine (made with non-tropical vegetable oils).

We know you love airy, fluffy, creamy mashed potatoes. Low fat or skim milk adds flavor and texture without weighing down the potatoes down with saturated fat. You can even try adding fat-free, lower sodium broth or fat-free plain yogurt to the potatoes. Happy mashing!

4: Bake, grill, or steam veggies instead of frying and season with herbs.

Bring out the natural flavors of your veggies by grilling, roasting, and steaming them. And, by seasoning them with herbs and spices, you can complement their natural flavors while adding your own flare! A plate full of roasted veggies garnished with parsley, basil, or rosemary is colorful, festive, and flavorful. Or, you can serve veggies raw with a flavorful dip!

5: Swap equal parts no-sugar-added applesauce for butter in your baking.

Enjoy moist, comforting baked goods with less saturated fat by swapping butter for no-sugar-added applesauce. This works wonderfully for your favorite recipe for pumpkin bread, coffee cake, or holiday brownies. We bet you won’t even taste the difference!

Which swap will you try for a healthy holiday?