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Go ahead, get Spicy! It Appears to Help Lower High Blood Pressure

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Go ahead, get Spicy! It Appears to Help Lower High Blood Pressure

As the weather outside cools down, you can kick up the heat this fall season with spicy foods. Don’t you just love a comforting, spicy chili on a chilly day? Today is all about the comfort foods that will help you spice up the season. In this post, we talk about an exciting new study and nine deliciously spicy recipes for fall.


A new study is giving us even more reasons to enjoy spicy foods. Scientists found that people who enjoy spicy foods appear to eat less salt and have lower blood pressure. How is this possible? Spicy foods may increase people’s sensitivity to salt, which may lower the amount of salt they choose to eat.

Compared to those people who least enjoyed spicy foods, study participants who preferred spicy food:

  • had 8 point lower systolic (upper) and 5 point lower diastolic (bottom) blood pressure numbers
  • consumed 2.5 grams less salt a day (that’s about ½ teaspoon less!)

So, go ahead. Enjoy those spicy fall foods.

Comforting foods that are full of spices will keep you warm as the air gets chilly. Here are nine recipes to try:

  1. Enjoy south-of-the-border flavors for breakfast with southwestern avocado and bell pepper quiche cups. The “crust” is a bright, colorful red bell pepper!
  2. Lunch can be spicy and flavorful with crunchy cabbage salad with spicy peanut dressing. The coolness from the cabbage pairs perfectly with the nutty dressing.
  3. Looking for a meaty mid-day meal? Check out these beef sliders with avocado, roasted poblano pepper, and cojita cheese. You will love the taste of creamy avocado with the subtle kick from the poblano pepper. Yum!
  4. Hot chicks! These oven-crispy chickpeas are a spicy, crunchy, and satisfying afternoon snack.
  5. Tailgate chili. A hearty, fiery chili will make you the star player at a tailgate celebration. Looking for a meat-free option? Enjoy this comforting three bean chili.
  6. Have some time the night before? Prepare dinner in the slow cooker with Thai chicken soup. The freshness from the cilantro or basil is amazing with the comforting and brothy soup.
  7. Craving more of a stew than a soup? This Panang curry with chicken and cauliflower rice provides warming spices with a variety of hearty veggies.

What is your favorite spicy food? Let us know in the comments!