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Do healthy relationships help us live longer?

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Do healthy relationships help us live longer?

Huey Lewis was right: The power of love is a curious thing, and it might just save your life. Or at least make it longer and healthier.


Studies have shown supportive relationships in general and marriage in particular can be healthy for you. Just seeing pictures of your partner activates brain regions related to mood and pain regulation. Thinking about a partner also may boost energy by positively affecting blood glucose levels.

One theory is that good relationships calm people down from the fight-or-flight response that kicks in when they're scared or angry. And studies have shown physical intimacy, such as holding hands or hugging, can lower levels of stress hormones.

Cuddle party, anyone?

It all aligns with striking findings showing the power of supportive relationships of all kinds, including friendships.

So next time you’re choosing between a night of screen time or a night out with your besties, keep your health in mind!

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