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Healthy snacks should be convenient and affordable!

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Healthy snacks should be convenient and affordable!

You deserve healthier options where you and your family live, work, learn, play, and heal. When it comes to healthier snacking, momentum is building. We know that more and more food companies are offering healthier options.


There’s always an opportunity for food companies, retailers and restaurants to do better. A recent study found that Americans have been eating more snacks per day and more sodium from snacks over time (between 1977 and 2014). And, the increase of sodium from snacks is even more notable for:

  • Non-Hispanic Black adults and children (the amount of sodium from snacks doubled between 1977 and 2014!)
  • People with the lowest income
  • People with the lowest level of education

Here’s the challenge.

Families want to be healthy, but too many simply have nowhere to buy the items that help us eat healthy, like affordable lean meats, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Nearly 30 million people in neighborhoods across America have little or no access to healthy food like fruits and vegetables. These same neighborhoods often struggle with high rates of unemployment and diet-related chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. It isn’t fair that children and their families live in communities with little to no access to healthy foods.

Here's the opportunity.

Vending machine suppliers are beginning to offer greater varieties of healthy, convenient snacks – like whole grains in vending machines and fresh veggies in mini-markets. Providing access to healthy, affordable food is one part of the solution. And, we must make sure all of us can recognize healthy choices, and that those options are reasonably priced, available and promoted.

Here's the progress we’ve seen thus far with companies who supply vending machines:

  • Aramark in its first year of partnering with AHA, has been able to reduce calories, saturated fat and sodium by an average of 8% across menus served in workplaces, hospital cafes and college & university residential dining halls. And they’ve committed to taking it down to 20% reduction by 2020.
  • Compass is working on incorporating more whole grains, fruit and vegetables into their offerings.
  • Sodexo aims to limit sodium and fat in their offerings.
  • Sysco has an eNutrition tool to provide nutrition information to customers.

You have the power!

Tell these companies that you want them to continue making their options healthier for you and your family. These companies need to hear that you want more choices for healthy, convenient, and affordable foods.

Write to the CEOs of companies that supply vending machine snacks today. Tell them that you are interested in healthy, convenient, affordable options to fit your busy lifestyle.

Will you join us today?