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Hosting a Healthier Tailgate May Win You Some New Fans

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Hosting a Healthier Tailgate May Win You Some New Fans

Football season is back! This sport is a way of life for many families. It includes traditions and tailgates that no touchdown is complete without. In football season things get heated both on the field and on the grill.


This year consider changing up your tailgate and offering more plant-based recipes at your next watch party. Not everyone will flip over balsamic Brussels sprouts or cauliflower fries, but you will score points with your tailgate guests looking for healthier options. We can get tired of seeing the same food options week after week. Changing up the flavor profiles and protein options can keep football season interesting to your taste buds.

Vegetarian Options

A vegetarian-friendly tailgate doesn’t just mean adding a few raw veggie sticks. There are so many ways to prepare vegetables that can add color and flavor to your tailgate spread. Get creative with seasonings to match your mood and tailgate style. Highlighting seasonal produce or vegetables found in the hometown of your opponent is a fun way to theme your menu. From sweet potato nachos to Simple Persian salad you can find party recipes that will impress your guests and keep you healthy for good.

But it doesn’t have to be one without the other, for sure. When hosting, plan a tailgating menu that is inclusive and welcomes everyone to the table. You can offer vegetarian options that still pack a punch of flavor right next to the extra-lean beef burgers.

Variety Is Key

Find a balance of including traditional tailgate foods and offering new options for guests to try. Also, think of ways you can add variations to favorite recipes to make them healthier. If you’re craving dip, skip the chips and use fresh vegetables to scoop with. They’ll offer a satisfying crunch and still deliver the dips you love so much. You just might be surprised when your cooking has some fresh new fans.

Don’t feel like you’re boxed in to a burger on a bun for a tailgate. Make room on the grill for fruits and veggies, chicken kebabs, and more. Use your creativity and analyze your game day strategy on how to wow your team with a menu that offers flavor and fun while keeping you on the path of healthy eating.