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Help us thank Nestlé for reducing sodium - through June 30, 2015

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Thank you computer keyboardEarlier this month, there was good news for everyone who is trying to cut back on excess salt—the multinational food company Nestlé announced it would reduce sodium in some of its frozen pizzas and snacks, without affecting their taste! The sodium rollbacks will affect more than 250 of the company’s products sold in the U.S., including some items under the familiar brand names DiGiorno®, Hot Pockets®, and Lean Pockets®.

Because nearly 80% of the sodium we eat comes from packaged and restaurant foods, reducing sodium in those foods will help us move toward healthier lifestyles.

There is still work to be done, but you can help! Thank Nestlé for their efforts and encourage other companies to use less salt right now. Just sign your name to our template letter, or write your own.

The page to send a letter to Nestlé was available only until June 30, 2015.

We know other companies and restaurants are taking steps to make their foods more heart-healthy, and they want to hear from customers. Stay tuned for more exciting news about food companies and restaurants that are leading the industry in lowering sodium.

In the meantime, visit to find hundreds of food products that meet the nutrition requirements of the American Heart Association’s Heart-Check Food Certification Program.

How important is healthfulness when you’re making food choices? Are you more likely to buy a company’s products over another company’s if they have less sodium?