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In Philadelphia, You May Get More Control Over your Choices at a Restaurant

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In Philadelphia, You May Get More Control Over your Choices at a Restaurant

Soon, you might have even more information on restaurant menus. Philadelphia has introduced a sodium safety warning label for chain restaurant menus to give citizens and visitors a reliable and readily available way to manage their daily sodium intake.


The proposed label will warn customers if a serving contains 2,300 mg of sodium or more for menu items from a chain restaurant. This level of sodium should not be exceeded in an entire day, and consuming that amount (or more) in a single meal would set up an individual to be over recommended healthy amounts. This sodium safety warning label would be a first step to keep people like you better informed in restaurants.

More freedom? Yes please.

If you know more about the excess sodium in your food, you can make more informed choices about the food you eat. Because 71% of the sodium we eat comes from prepackaged, processed, and restaurant foods, it can be challenging to limit sodium. People deserve to have more control over how much sodium they eat rather than restaurants deciding for them. While people can add a little more salt at the table, the sodium that is already in our food when we order it can’t be taken out. A sodium safety warning label may empower you with information and give you more freedom over the food you choose.

While Philadelphia considers this sodium safety warning label, you can still try to choose healthier foods on restaurant menus. Get started by watching for these ten words on the menu to avoid excess sodium.

How will a sodium safety warning label will help you? Let us know in the comments!