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Can you really grow an edible garden indoors year-round?

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Can you really grow an edible garden indoors year-round?

Indoor gardening is definitely having a moment. And it’s gone high-tech, making it easier than ever to grow your own fruits, vegetables and herbs without a yard, sunlight, rain, soil – or even a green thumb!


Grow your own food without a garden.

This can be as simple as having a few small potted herb plants in your kitchen window. But for the more adventurous indoor gardener, many innovative systems and products are now available. They offer a variety of helpful features, such as:

  • Built-in LED lighting and smart lights that turn themselves on and off on schedule
  • Hydroponic systems that grow plants in water only, requiring no soil
  • Space-saving vertical tower and wall formats with a small footprint
  • Self-watering systems
  • Sensors that tell you exactly when to add water, plant food and light
  • Mini indoor greenhouses
  • Turnkey kits that are ready to “plug and play”

Greens and herbs grow particularly well indoors. You can also successfully grow smaller varieties of fruits and veggies like tomatoes, strawberries, radishes, beets, carrots, broccoli, peppers and cucumbers. Some may need extra light to really thrive, so do some research before you plant.

What are the benefits of indoor gardening?

  • You can save money and improve your cooking (and garnishing) game by always having fresh herbs and produce available. No more running to the store to buy expensive packaged herbs, using less than half and wasting the rest.
  • With the use of special LED lighting, you can grow year-round in any climate.
  • You’ll have fewer hassles with plant-eating pests, crop-killing diseases and harvest-stealing critters.
  • You may find yourself feeling healthier and less stressed by bringing some nature into your living environment.
  • And your family may be more excited about having a healthy salad with dinner when you’ve grown it yourself right before their eyes!

Here’s how to get started.

Check out the many options available online or at your local garden center. Figure out your budget and start with a few plants – you can always add more as you begin to have some success. Be patient and try different types of plants if you don’t succeed at first.

Once you begin to harvest, try some healthy recipes that let your herbs and greens really shine, like:

What will you plant in your indoor garden?