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Media Kit

Media Kit

The facts are simple.

We are eating too much sodium and it’s putting our health at risk. In order to succeed, we know a change needs to happen in our food. So, the AHA sodium reduction initiative focuses on shaping the food supply chain by driving commitments for healthier food and building a sustainable culture of healthier food options for all people. For this campaign to succeed, supporters like you need to take action and demand change with your voice, your wallet, and even your vote.

Sodium is hiding in foods you wouldn’t expect.

You deserve the right to choose how much sodium is in your food, so that you and your family can lead a healthier life. The American Heart Association is committed to your (and your family’s) health. With you, our supporters, we are asking for changes in the way people eat and shop, the way food companies and restaurants make food, and the way policy makers support healthy eating.

Take back control from the food industry by joining our community and taking action.

You have the power to make industry and government change sodium in the food supply. Join our growing community, take action, and get helpful tips on ways to break up with salt.

Take Action

The AHA sodium initiative relies on thousands of dedicated supporters who take action to change the food supply. As a campaign, we have written more than 19,000 letters to food companies and restaurants. Take action today!

icon_science.pngSCIENTIFIC SUPPORT

icon_consumer.pngCONSUMER MATERIALS

  • Providing Education and Information
    • Thinking about reducing the sodium in your and your family’s diet? You’ve come to the right place! We’ll show you how too much sodium sneaks into your diet and how it hurts your health, and share tips for kissing that excess salt goodbye. And, we’ll give you the resources and tools you need to take action and change the foods you eat. 
  • Publishing a Weekly Blog
    • Our weekly blog features the latest news, science, and information about all things sodium, written by the sodium reduction team, guest bloggers, and experts.
    • Here’s how we are urging the food industry to reduce sodium
  • Displaying New Information






More Consumers Want Sodium Limits On Processed and Restaurant Food (PDF)

More Consumers Want Sodium Limits Set by Food Companies and Restaurants (PDF)