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More food companies leading the way for healthier choices

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man reading nutrition labelA commitment to sodium reduction, and a call for government action.

Do you want better food choices for you and your family? Food companies continue to hear you: it’s time to offer healthier foods with more moderate levels of sodium. And they’re taking action.

And now they’re also expressing the need for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to help everyone eat better by setting voluntary sodium targets that the food industry can adopt.

A great win for the Sodium Breakup campaign!

As a part of their new commitments, Mars Food is taking a broad approach to making their foods healthier. Mars Food based their nutrition criteria on recommendations from the World Health Organization. They have committed to:

  • Reduce sodium by an average of 20% by 2021
  • Lessen added sugar in some sauces and meals by 2018
  • Expand grain options to ensure that 50% of rice foods include whole grains and legumes
  • Ensure that tomato-based foods include at least one serving of veggies

Mars also highlighted their support for the FDA to release targets on how much sodium is appropriate for different foods, building on the recommendations from this year’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Releasing these standards would help all companies have clear goals to work toward. And, if food companies adopted voluntary targets, this would ultimately level the playing field and provide consumers with better food choices. We agree!

It’s time to take back control!

Nearly 80% of the sodium Americans like you eat is hidden in packaged and restaurant foods. Reducing sodium in these foods will give you more freedom to choose how much salt you eat. It’s time for more companies to commit to moderate levels of sodium in the foods they offer. More companies will be compelled to follow the lead of Mars Food if they hear from consumers like you.

Let’s show Mars Food that we appreciate their leadership, and want sodium reduction to stay a priority for the food industry and the government! Hearing from concerned consumers like you will help motivate them to keep up their efforts. We are excited about these achievements, and more is needed to make an impact on public health.

Join the AHA Sodium Breakup campaign as we encourage food companies and the government to give Americans more freedom to choose how much sodium is in our food. With your help, we can make sure food companies know that you want healthier food options available to you.

Will you join us? Cheer on Mars for breaking up with salt and for their leadership!

Write a letter to the President of Mars Food to celebrate their sodium reduction commitment.