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Move more with an outdoor adventure club

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Move more with an outdoor adventure club

If you like to spend time in nature, an outdoor adventure club may be just the thing to get you moving more. It’s a fun and social way to get more physical activity, and it can help keep you motivated to exercise.


How do you find a group?

In many communities, groups of adults plan time together to walk, run, hike, cycle, climb, canoe, kayak and more.

A quick online search should give you some options to explore. The online platform is a good place to begin. It lists hundreds of groups across the country, with clever names like Take a Hike, Feet First, Get off the Couch, Trails and Ales, Adventure Seekers, Forest Bathers, We Be Trippin’ and Out There Explorers.

Local chapters of The Sierra Club, your local Parks and Recreation Department and the social media platform Nextdoor are also good resources.

If you don’t find groups near you, why not start one? Check out these resources to start or join a walking club.

Why join a group?

  • Outdoor adventure groups are a great way to meet new people who share the same interests and goals as you.
  • Most are free or low cost.
  • If it’s not ideal to walk in your neighborhood, a club may help you discover other local places to be active. The added safety of being part of a group is another benefit, especially for singles.
  • Spending time in green spaces can improve your health and well-being while reducing stress, anxiety and cardiovascular disease risk, according to recent research. It’s a win-win for your physical and mental health.
  • And when you’re tempted to give up and head back to the comfort of the couch, you have a team to cheer you on and keep you going.

Find your tribe.

Activities can range from easy/beginner level to advanced challenges that will test your limits. Make sure you know the activity level of a group before you head out with them. And if it turns out to be too easy or too hard, don’t give up — keep looking for your outdoor community. Do you like to birdwatch? Check out the fall foliage? Learn about native plants as you hike? There’s probably a group for that!

Join an adventure group or club for more fun, companionship and motivation as you Move More outdoors this month.