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New study says: Look beyond the salt shaker

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New study says: Look beyond the salt shaker

A new study, published in Circulation, shows us that most the sodium we eat comes from restaurant and commercially processed foods- not the salt shaker!


In fact, researchers studied three US regions, and found that restaurant foods and commercially processed foods sold in stores accounted for nearly 71 percent of dietary sodium intake.

The study found that:

  • 70.9% of sodium came from foods outside the home (think: restaurant or commercially processed food)
  • 14.2% of sodium came from the sodium found naturally in food
  • 5.6% of sodium came from salt added during food preparation (think: cooking at home)
  • 4.9% of sodium came from salt added at the table (think: the salt shaker)

This study confirms recommendations that were made by the Institute of Medicine to lower dietary sodium by decreasing the amount found in commercially processed foods! Food manufacturers and restaurants should be encouraged to lower the sodium content in their food.


And, you can do something about it. It’s time to tell food companies that you appreciate their efforts in making their offerings healthier and reducing sodium. Take action today:

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And, you can watch a video about the details of the study and the recommendations that have been made based on the study findings.