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Pledge for Healthier Food Options

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Pledge for Healthier Food Options

You strive to achieve the Healthy for Good lifestyle. You even make it a priority to cook fresh, healthy food for you and your family.




But let’s face it — sometimes going out to eat or tossing packaged food into the microwave is easier when you’re short on time. We get that. But many restaurants and food industry providers pack our food with excessive amounts of unhealthy ingredients such as:

  • Salt
  • Fat
  • Sugar
  • Chemicals (yes, chemicals!)

Enough is enough. We’re holding the food industry accountable. And we need your help. Will you sign the pledge to demand healthier options from the global food industry?

For years, we’ve advocated for change — and we’re seeing results. Just last year, the CEO of McDonald’s announced that they would make their kids meals healthier. With your help, we can get more restaurants and food manufacturers to join the movement.

Let’s make healthier food options a priority. Signing the pledge is just the start. We’ll give you even more opportunities to make a big impact on the health of millions of children and families across the country as our campaign unfolds.

Will you lend your voice for healthier options? Please sign the pledge today. And let’s all be Healthy for Good!