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School Meals Need a New Year’s Resolution

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School Meals Need a New Year’s Resolution

School meals need a New Year’s resolution.  As the new year begins and many of us are thinking about eating healthier, the government’s U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is working to bring unhealthy foods to our children in schools.


That’s right. The USDA plans to discard some of the current science-based nutrition standards and allow schools to serve meals with:

  • more sodium; 
  • fewer whole grains; and
  • flavored milk with higher saturated fat and more calories. 

We cannot turn our backs on our children. Nearly one-third of kids are overweight or obese, 90% of children eat too much salt, and there is a chronic disease crisis in this country. Children’s health matters! 

Schools have made progress. More than 99% of schools participating in the USDA’s school lunch program have been serving healthier foods. With this success, why does the USDA want to pull back efforts to serve children and contribute to their health?

Your voice can make a difference to your child and your community.

Please tell the USDA that kids deserve healthier school meals.