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We want to hear your sodium story

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 The American Heart Association wants to hear your sodium story! If you’ve joined the growing community that has taken a stand for its heart health by pledging to reduce the sodium you eat, we want to hear more about it. We want to know why you’ve made that choice (because we’re so excited that you did!).


The call for your sodium stories comes as the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association (AHA/ASA) introduce a new organizational tagline – “Life is Why.” This tagline offers a simple, yet powerful answer to the question of why the AHA/ASA does what we do. We believe everyone deserves to live a healthier, longer life. To do that, we all must be healthy in heart and mind.

Everyone has a reason to live a longer, healthier life. What are those moments, people, or experiences that you live for? What or who brings you joy, wonder, and happiness? What is your “Why” in life and how is it connected to your pledge to reduce the sodium you eat? Because you’ve visited this website, my guess is that that reducing the sodium you and your loved ones eat is important to you aCover of the low-salt recipes booklet showing sample recipe of oven-baked chicken.nd your health.

Share your sodium “why” story with us now! (Note that you must be logged in to share your story - log in at the top right of this page.) We’ll randomly select 25 people who submit a story to receive our magazine-style Low-Salt recipes publication - a 48-page, digest-size booklet with 35 recipes.

Story Submission Tips

  • We suggest limiting your story to 300 words or less. Include details about the change(s) you made and the result(s) you achieved.
  • We will randomly select 25 people who submit a story to receive a free copy of our Low-Salt Recipes booklet.
  • The Low-Salt Recipes booklet can be mailed only to U.S. addresses (all 50 states are eligible). To be eligible for the drawing to receive a booklet, please include your full mailing address with your story submission.
  • Stories will be accepted indefinitely, but only stories submitted by October 31, 2014 will be eligible for the Low-Salt Recipe booklet drawing.
  • Your story will not automatically appear on this website after you have submitted it. The American Heart Association will post a story on this website only after obtaining approval from the person who submitted it.