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Shout Out to Panera for Healthy Options

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Shout Out to Panera for Healthy Options

Because of you, we are seeing change.

We know that when you ask for change, companies listen. Panera Bakeries has answered our call to action.


Last fall, you sent more than 800 letters to the CEO of Panera, asking the restaurant to make healthier options a priority. And guess what? They have announced a commitment to healthier offerings.

In fact, they have committed to:

  1. Educating their customers about the amount of added sugar in many beverages.
  2. Offering more beverage options with a lesser amount of sugar than the added sugar in a normal soda.

Innovative approaches to creating a healthier environment are something that we support! Panera Bakeries deserves a shout out from our campaign for their continued efforts to offer healthier options to their customers.

TAKE ACTION: Shout Out to Panera Bakeries Today 

Want to learn more about sugary drinks? The AHA encourages us to choose water or low-calorie options over high-calorie sugary drinks. Here are some resources to help you get started on your journey toward choosing healthier beverages:

  1. Start small. You can follow these five tips on reducing sugary drinks in your diet.
  2. Stay informed. Know the facts about sugary drinks.
  3. Get involved in your community. Get the latest news on sugary drink reductions in your community by joining the Sugary Drinks Action Team.

Where else have you seen change? Let us know in the comments!