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Momentum is Building: More Food Companies Offering Healthier Choices and Supporting Clear Standards

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Do you want healthier food choices? Food companies are hearing you, and momentum is building: now is the time to offer healthier foods with more moderate levels of sodium.

More Food Companies Support Release of Voluntary Government Standards for Sodium Reduction

Nestlé, the third largest food producer in North America with popular products like Digiorno®, Lean Cuisine®, Gerber®, and Hot Pockets®, has announced:

  • Support for the release of draft voluntary sodium standards from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that the food industry can adopt
  • Further commitment to increase the number of foods that could reasonably fit into a dietary pattern that contains less than 2,000 milligrams of sodium per day

This has the potential to help everyone eat better. And it’s because of you! In June 2015, more than 1,000 of you sent letters to the CEO of Nestle thanking the company for making sodium a priority.

Let’s keep the conversation going! Join Nestlé and the AHA on Twitter with the hashtag #BreakUpWithSalt to share your views on why sodium reduction is so important.

A big win for the AHA Sodium Breakup Campaign!

You deserve the right to choose how much sodium is in their foods. We applaud Nestlé for continuing to make sodium reduction a priority and for urging the release of government guidance on voluntary sodium standards, which would give all companies a clear goal to work toward.

Like Nestlé, we support the FDA’s release of voluntary sodium standards, because if food companies adopt them, this will level the playing field among food companies and empower Americans to make healthier food choices. Momentum is building for these voluntary sodium standards: Nestlé is the second food company to announce support for the standards – Mars foods did the same just a few weeks ago. (now’s a good time to them thanks as well — send a letter now!)

Nestlé joins General Mills, Domino's, Schwan’s, Revolution Foods and others who you’ve helped prompt to cut the sodium in their foods. And with your help, we can keep sending a clear message to other food companies that their customers demand action now.

Right now, nearly 80% of the sodium Americans eat is hidden in packaged and restaurant foods. Reducing sodium in these foods will give you more freedom to choose how much sodium you eat. It’s time for more companies to commit to moderate levels of sodium in the foods they offer.

We know that a big change is needed for Americans to meet public health recommendations for sodium. The AHA Sodium Breakup Campaign is calling for more leaders across the food supply chain to follow through with similar goals to help people live healthier lives free of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Want to take back control of the sodium you eat? Check us out on Twitter and Facebook today to show support using #BreakUpWithSalt!