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Sodium and Sex: 6 tips for a healthier sex life

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Sodium and Sex: 6 tips for a healthier sex life

Did you know that what you eat may impact what you can (or can’t) do between the sheets. That’s right: a salty diet can put a damper on some activities in the bedroom. Here’s why.


If you eat too much sodium you could experience high blood pressure.  When high blood pressure causes blood vessel damage, it can reduce blood flow throughout your body, including your pelvic area. Your sex life can be affected by lower blood flow to the pelvis.

Males who have high blood pressure may encounter erectile dysfunction. An erection occurs through blood flow to the penis, which can be a challenge with someone with lower blood flow. If you are having issues with erectile dysfunction, it can be an opportunity for your doctor to check for high blood pressure or other problems.

A female’s arousal before and during intercourse may be impacted by lower blood flow to the vaginal area. High blood pressure has also been linked to vaginal dryness and less frequent orgasm. Also, females with high blood pressure may feel tired more often. This may result in a lower sex drive or loss of interest in sex.

Eating a healthy amount of sodium is a tried and true way to keep your pressure in the healthy range.

  1. Know your numbers. One important aspect of getting healthy is to know your blood sugar, your blood pressure, your blood cholesterol, and your body weight!
  2. Remember: Even if you don’t have high blood pressure, cutting back on excess salt can be beneficial. This means that knowing how to reduce sodium is key!
  3. Track your sodium. Know how much sodium you are eating by keeping a food diary for a couple of days. It’s amazing how sneaky sodium can be!
  4. Watch for highly processed foods. Swap highly processed foods with less processed options.
  5. Order healthier options at restaurants. Watch for these ten words on restaurant menus.
  6. Eat clean. Eating clean and healthy may help you feel more energized – an important component of a healthier sex life!

What will you do to achieve a healthier, more energetic life? Let us know in the comments.