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Discover sodium-smart recipes that your family will enjoy this holiday season

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Discover sodium-smart recipes that your family will enjoy this holiday season

It’s that time of year again—the season for holiday parties, family meals, and festive flavors. Enter: Sodium-Smart Recipes. New from the American Heart Association, this recipe booklet is more than a cookbook. It includes not only 30 recipes but also tips and cooking strategies to keep sneaky sodium at bay. 


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Explore the many recipes (and cooking strategies) that will comfort your family and bring them enjoyment this holiday season.

Whether you are looking for a festive snack for your child’s classroom party, a traditional winter side dish to give to a friend, or a show-stopping entrée for holiday potluck, we’ve got you covered!

Snacks and Appetizers

Looking for an easy holiday snack? Look no further than the ranch-chive popcorn that is featured in the booklet. It’s perfect for your child’s classroom party and a fun finger food to offer guests in holiday-themed paper cups as you greet them at the door of your holiday open house. Want to get fancier? Avocado and shrimp spring rolls can add sophisticated flavors to your buffet.

Side Dishes

No traditional holiday meal is complete without a side of green bean casserole. The recipe in this booklet will add comforting flavor without too much sodium and saturated fat. Looking for even more comfort? The bacon-mushroom mac and cheese is full of indulgent and warm flavors.


The versatility of fish is a simple and fast way to cook during the busy holiday season. The recipes featured in Sodium-Smart Recipes are baked, blackened, or grilled. A festive fish recipe—rockfish-stuffed tomatoes—features vibrant colors and deep flavors from grilling.


Lighten up a party with a wonderfully textured recipe for Thai chicken broccoli salad with peanut dressing. The salad has a tang from the dressing, and the colorful broccoli and mandarin oranges pair wonderfully with the chicken. It is a sure-to-please dish that will brighten up the holiday season.


What can be more comforting during the holiday season than a classic homemade meat loaf? This recipe includes sweet bell peppers and a mix of spices to balance out the meat with a side serving of black-eyed peas, a favorite food in the south to eat on New Year’s Day based on the tradition that the peas bring prosperity/good luck in the new year.

Vegetarian Entrees

This time of year presents many opportunities to include vegetables in home-cooked holiday dishes. Wow your co-workers by bringing a veggie pizza with cauliflower crust to your office potluck. Serve an eggplant, cheese, and tomato bake to visiting family members. 


Celebratory breakfasts and brunches can be full of heavy, greasy foods. Not so when you consult Sodium-Smart Recipes! You can serve up a banana bread smoothie to start, followed by an lightened up version of a breakfast burrito. Yum!

Sodium-Smart Staples and Sodium-Free Seasonings

This recipe booklet also lists more than 100 sodium-free seasonings for you to try in breads, desserts, entrées, salads, and vegetables. And, the booklet offers a list of recommended sodium-smart foods to keep stocked in your pantry so you can easily cook healthy meals during the holidays and all year long.

Which recipes are your favorites from the book? Let us know in the comments or by showing how you #BreakUpWithSalt on social media.