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Spices and herbs helps adults reduce salt

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How much sodium can you slash by using herbs and spices instead of salt when you’re cooking? One study tried to find out.

In the first phase of the study, 55 adult volunteers ate meals that were lower in sodium than the typical American diet for four weeks. Their food was provided by researchers. During this time, their average sodium intake went from 3,450 mg/day to 1,656 mg/day.

In the second phase, the study volunteers were responsible for their own food. Half took a 20-week class where they learned tips for cutting sodium, plus other tips for eating healthier. The other half tried to reduce sodium on their own. The group that was in the 20-week class ended up eating almost 1,000 mg/day less sodium than the group that tried to reduce sodium on their own.

The study’s authors concluded that we need a public health approach aimed at helping consumers stick to an eating pattern with less salt, and that their strategy that included tasty alternatives could be one solution.

What other strategies do you think can help cut the sodium in our diets?