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Stop surprise medical bills

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Stop surprise medical bills

When you need medical care, the last thing you want to think about is the bill — and whether you can afford it.


But that’s the reality for millions of Americans.

Even if you know you’re having a procedure, carefully evaluate your options and save money for the estimated cost, you may be surprised by “surprise medical billing.”

Surprise medical billing occurs when you receive a bill from a health care provider for the difference between the total cost of services and the amount your health insurance pays. It can be financially crippling. And fear of receiving a surprise bill often deters patients from getting the treatment they need — leading to further health problems.

More than 60% of patients have experienced a surprise medical bill.

Often, the cause is an emergency they thought health insurance would cover.

Fortunately, Congress is working on legislation that would stop insurers, providers and hospitals from surprising patients. But they need to hear from you to get this law passed.

Whether you saw an out-of-network doctor in an emergency, or you simply didn’t know your physician no longer accepted your insurance, please share your story. Even if you’ve never received a surprise bill, help protect families and patients by telling Congress to take immediate action.

Help us put an end to surprise billing.