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Stop Waiting for Change – Make It Happen!

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Stop Waiting for Change – Make It Happen!

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Those famous words by Mahatma Gandhi are everywhere – from bumper stickers to refrigerator magnets. Chances are we’ve all seen or heard this phrase at least once in our lives, but how many times have we thought about what it means to ‘be the change?’ 


Take your health, for example. We know you want to take back the decisions that some food companies and restaurants are making for you about what gets put in your food. We know you want healthier food options. We know you want to help build healthier communities for your family and friends. How can you even begin to make this a reality? You can start with us. Together, we can call for change.  

On this blog you have seen a lot of focus on salt and we’ve heard you. You want to continue asking company executives and policy makers to break up with salt, but you also want to ask for more. You want to advocate for more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, and you want to ask for less sugar, salt, and saturated fat in your food. And, you want to stand up for physical activity and healthy living. So today we are going to make a change on this blog.   

We want activists like you to be Healthy For Good.

What does this mean? We can advocate for healthy communities through policy and industry changes. You can make a difference in your local grocery stores, restaurants and even in your government. Take the first step in fighting to be healthy for good by joining You’re the Cure, the American Heart Association’s network of advocates supporting healthier policies.

We all have the power to make a difference – to be a part of the change toward building healthier communities and saving lives.

How will you take control and fight for a healthier future?