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Add Exercise to Your Summer Travel Plans

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Add Exercise to Your Summer Travel Plans

This guest blog written by: Jess Murden who is a New Jersey volunteer and has been mostly involved with our Heart Walks. She has hosted many wellness/fitness events at the offices of our local sponsors and AHA events. 

Maybe you’ve been hitting the gym every day, watching your calories and making better choices all around. Now it’s time for that fun summer trip you’ve been planning. 

Are you worried that your break will derail your fitness goals? It doesn’t have to. 


And those goals don’t have to derail your fun, either. It’s easier than you might think to fit in some fitness on vacation:

  • Wake up 15 minutes early for a quick workout. You’re less likely to work out when you return to the hotel, especially after a long day of touring, sunning and eating. An early workout will get your heart rate pumping, burn some calories and get those endorphins flowing.

  • Walk wherever you can. Explore that new city — and let your legs do the work. You’ll accumulate miles, stay active for the day and might even stumble on some hidden gems you would’ve missed if you’d grabbed an Uber.

  • Do something fit-cation worthy. Vacationing at the beach? Rent a kayak. Camping? Plan a challenging hiking route. Exploring a big city? Hit the pavement and go for a run to reach the monument you’d always wanted to visit.

  • Get involved in the local community. Drop in at a yoga class or find a CrossFit gym. You’ll get in a workout and meet people who can give you intel on the local hot spots.

  • Avoid overindulging at the breakfast buffet. It’s easy to rack up lots of calories before 9 a.m. Before you load up your plate with muffins, bacon and that random assortment of cheese, think twice. Save some of those calories for the rest of the day.

Jess_murden2.jpgNow relax and enjoy a few vacation indulgences but keep your commitment to a heart-healthy lifestyle. It’ll make your return to reality a little easier.

How will you schedule exercise during your summer trip?

This guest blog post is written by: Jess Murden, a New Jersey volunteer who has been mostly involved with our Heart Walks.  She has hosted many wellness/fitness events at the offices of our local sponsors and AHA events. Read Jess's Bio here.