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Tell Restaurants to Lower Sodium

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Tell Restaurants to Lower Sodium

Two months ago, thousands of you asked the CEO’s of five of the largest fast food restaurants in the country to offer healthier kids meals. Together, we sent thousands of messages. And, your efforts are making a difference. Earlier this year McDonalds promised to make their kids meals healthier by decreasing sodium and fat levels, while offering water and low-fat milk in place of sodas. This is a great first step, but we are far from done!


Despite what many think, it’s not just fast food restaurants that put salt, fat, and sugar in our food. It comes from other restaurants, and from processed foods.

Did you know that almost 75% of the sodium we consume comes from food that is:

  • Packaged
  • Prepared
  • Restaurant meals

We know that many of you think this is as outrageous as we. You deserve the right to choose how much sodium is in your food.

That’s why we’re asking you to send a tweet to the National Restaurant Association and demand that they tell their over 500,000 members to #BreakUpWithSalt! Send a tweet today!

Together we can convince restaurants to lower sodium levels in the food we order. We should be the ones who decide how much salt to add to our meals. It only takes a few seconds to send a tweet, but that effort can have a BIG impact.

Don’t have a twitter account? That’s no big deal! It only takes one minute to create an account. You can use step-by-step instructions. Using Twitter helps you to directly contact restaurants, grocery stores and even our local and federal lawmakers.

Please help us decrease the amount of sodium in restaurant meals by contacting the National Restaurant Association. Urge them to tell their 500,000 members to #BreakUpWithSalt. Together we can help bring a healthier dinner plates across the country. Help us make America Healthy for Good by contacting the National Restaurant Association today!