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The Great Outdoors

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The Great Outdoors

May can be hectic. School’s winding down, students are graduating and wedding bells are ringing. When stress builds, some people relax by practicing yoga. But what about outdoor yoga?


Kori Clausen, a Los Angeles-based yoga instructor, says it’s a great way to align with nature.

“We become present and we learn the gift of surrendering to the elements around us,” Clausen said. “Nature is always changing. Nothing stands still. It’s when we truly understand this that we begin to give in to the flow of life.”

Here are a few reasons to load up your water bottle and sunscreen and give outdoor yoga a try:

You can trade the sterile room for some trees and sunshine. The weather’s typically nice in May. You’ll soak up some Vitamin D, which promotes healthy bones and protects from osteoporosis, while you soak up the beauty of nature.

You’ll stretch yourself. Taking your workout outdoors pushes your boundaries. It forces you out of your routine and requires you to work on uneven terrain. You might conquer new challenges of balance and focus.

You can spread out. There’s no competition for floor space when you’re outside. You won’t have to worry about backing into your neighbor during downward dog ever again!

You’ll be inspired. Studios often use audio of birds chirping and wind rustling, but outdoor yoga lets you experience the real thing. And spending 20 to 30 minutes outdoors lowers levels of the stress hormone cortisol, according to a recent study. As cortisol recedes, you’ll relax more and breathe deeper. You can focus and become more present. And that’s what yoga is all about.

Have you checked into outdoor yoga in your area?