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Choosing a Healthy Lunch at Work

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Choosing a Healthy Lunch at Work

So, you’re at work and it’s lunchtime. Your stomach is empty. What do you do? Whether you reach for that indulgent pepperoni pizza or head for the nearest salad bar might depend on your stress level.


A 2019 online survey conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of the American Heart Association and Aramark as part of their joint Healthy for Life® 20 By 20 initiative found more than half (56%) of U.S. employees who typically eat lunch during work struggle to make it healthy.


It might also depend on if you have on-site purchase options at your workplace.


And if there are healthier choices available.


Choosing a healthy lunch at work can set you up for success for the rest of your day.


Eating smart at lunch is sometimes easier said than done, but most people think it’s a good idea.


Check out these tips from the American Heart Association’s volunteer science and nutrition experts and Aramark’s chefs to help get your healthier lunch game on point.

  • Stay hydrated before, during and after lunch. Try mixing it up by adding citrus, berries or cucumbers to your plain or sparkling water.

  • Walk a lap in the dining area to survey your food options to reduce the temptation to over-order.

  • Go semi-homemade by bringing a favorite healthy salad dressing from home or baggies of fruits and vegetables you have on hand.

  • Look for plant-forward main dishes that will help put fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes at the heart of your plate.

  • Select healthy fish options and lean proteins like grilled chicken, veggie burgers or turkey burgers.

  • Choose baked, grilled, broiled or steamed items over the fried ones.

Find a lunch buddy at work who will encourage a healthy lifestyle.

What are your best tips for making sure you eat a healthier lunch at work? Share them with us using #eatsmart on Facebook and Twitter.


May 2019 AHA survey conducted online by The Harris Poll among 1,062 employed U.S. adults 18+, among whom 907 typically eat lunch during work hours.