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Top 17 Blog Posts of 2017

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Top 17 Blog Posts of 2017

As the year draws to a close, we wanted to highlight the 17 most popular blog posts of 2017. These blogs were the most popular this year.

  1. The top 25 foods that add the most sodium to your diet. This was the most popular blog of 2017! It outlined the food categories (based on information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). From this blog, we were reminded that even food that even foods that don't look salty can have more sodium than you think! With about three-quarters of the sodium that Americans eat coming from prepackaged, prepared, and restaurant foods, it’s important to keep your eye out for sneaky sodium.

  2. Salty Six: Surprising foods that add sodium to our diets. These foods contribute the most sodium to the typical American diet. The goal is to watch for sodium in these foods rather than avoid them.

  3. Sodium can be Sneaky: Nine tips to lower sodium in meals and snacks. This blog launched an infographic that illustrates how sodium can add up throughout the day.

  4. A closer look at the salty 6. Want to learn more about the six foods that contribute the most sodium to our diets? Check out our popular blog post about the details behind the salty 6.

  5. New sodium targets could help put food choices back in your hands. In 2016, the FDA released draft sodium targets for food companies and restaurants. This new rule could mean that you have more choice and control over the amount of sodium that is put in your food.

  6. Can processed foods be healthy? Many of the foods Americans eat have been handled, or processed, one way or another – from salad mix and baby carrots, to canned pineapple, to frozen pizza, to chicken nuggets. Even some foods that are labeled “organic” can be processed. Check out our new infographic to get the scoop on processed foods.

  7. America has the world’s saltiest pizza. Did you know that about 1 in 8 Americans eat pizza on a given day? Here are tips on how to choose a healthier slice.

  8. Pink Himalayan salt: Is it lower in sodium? Learn more about this popular salt and whether it has less sodium than table salt.

  9. How to help your kids eat healthy. What our kids eats today can impact them for a lifetime. Helping your kid eat healthy can certainly be a challenge, but it’s worth it – especially because we know that kids’ preferences for salty-tasting foods are shaped early in life.

  10. What is clean eating. So, you want to eat clean? It can be tough to know what healthy eating really looks like when there is so much conflicting information out there! Today, we are launching a new graphic to clear up some of the myths about clean eating and healthy eating.

  11. Build a better taco. Many of us love to eat delicious south-of-the-border dishes, including tacos. But, did you know that among different brands of the same food, the sodium content can vary a lot.

  12. 21 ingredients (that mean sodium) to watch on the label. There are many ways that sneaky salt can find its way into your food. Today, we explore the ways sodium can be sneaky and show up on the ingredients list of your favorite food. We’ll show you the words to watch for when comparing food labels so you can choose the option with the least amount of sodium.

  13. Healthy fats: use coconut oil on your skin, not in your food. We’re clearing up some confusion on eating fats (like coconut oil) when you are trying to eat healthy.

  14. What should your toddler eat. How much sodium has your toddler consumed today? If you’re like most parents, you probably haven’t a clue.

  15. Sodium warning labels on NYC keep you better informed. Now, there is a new way for you to know about the sodium in restaurant foods. We have learned that the National Restaurant Association has abandoned its endless court appeals to overturn New York City’s sodium warning labels.

  16. 10 words to watch on restaurant menus. The next time you find yourself in a restaurant, break up with excess salt by following these tips. And, watch out for foods described on the menu with these words.

  17. Healthy menu innovation that can help everyone be healthy for life. We’re feeding America’s potential by slashing sodium, saturated fat, and calories and increasing fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Happy New Year! We look forward to working with you to #BreakUpWithSalt in 2018.

Which blog was your favorite from 2017?