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Vote for Sneaky Salt, now through March 3!

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You know Sneaky Salt, right? He’s the funny guy created by the American Heart Association to call out the excess salt hiding in a lot of our packaged and restaurant foods. He’s settled into a lot of our food before we even buy it, and as a result we have less of a choice over how much sodium we eat. And that’s bad news, because almost all of us are eating a lot more salt than is good for our hearts - even if we never pick up the salt shaker. It's the fault of Sneaky Salt!

I’m thrilled to share that Sneaky Salt’s video is a finalist in the 2015 DoGooder video award contest, which recognizes the best videos created by non-profit organizations. Sneaky Salt is a contender in the “Funny for Good” category. This category includes videos that use comedy to make people laugh and take action.

By voting for Sneaky Salt, you can help the American Heart Association in its efforts to build healthier lives, free of heart disease and stroke. Vote here now and vote often – you can vote once a day between now and March 3.

The winners will be announced March 5 at the Non-profit Technology Conference in Austin, Texas. Thank you for your support!