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Break up with excess sodium – take the pledge today!

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The American Heart Association debuted this new sodium website in summer 2014, when I introduced you to our new “I love you salt, but you’re breaking my heart” campaign and the pledge to end your love affair with salt. Since then, thousands of people have taken the pledge to break up with excess salt. And we’re still looking for more!


Our homepage now features our Breakup Meter, which is counting the number of people who have pledged to break up with excess salt. So far, we’re at more than 10,000 people and we’re adding to their numbers daily – will you be the next to pledge to end your salty ways?

I love you salt, but you're breaking my heart - take the pledge to break up with excess sodium today!

With most Americans eating more than twice as much sodium as the American Heart Association recommends for ideal heart health, there are many more who should take the pledge. We’re shooting for more than 50,000 people, which will break our current breakup meter (and that’s not a bad thing). You can help us achieve that goal - that too much salt is breaking our hearts!