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General Mills Reduces Sodium Levels in Products

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Another food company makes sodium a priority!

Just in time for New Year’s resolutions, we have exciting news. Food companies continue to hear you: it’s time to offer healthier foods with more moderate levels of sodium. And they’re taking action.

The Latest Victory:

This week, General Mills announced that the company has met its 20% sodium reduction goal for 2015 in seven out of ten food categories. This gives Americans more freedom to choose how much sodium they eat. These seven categories include:

  1. Savory Snacks (35% weighted sodium reduction)
  2. Frozen Pizza (29% weighted sodium reduction)
  3. Canned Vegetables (28% weighted sodium reduction)
  4. Variety Baking Mixes (24% weighted sodium reduction)
  5. Dinner Mixes (21% weighted sodium reduction)
  6. Refrigerated Dough (21% weighted sodium reduction)
  7. Side Dishes (20% weighted sodium reduction)

And, the company has also made progress ready-to-serve soup (19%), Mexican products (19%) and cereal (18%). It’s great to see that actions to reduce are being made in 3 food categories that are a part of the salty six for adults. These efforts are helping to ensure that we eat healthier. Now, that’s something we can be happy about!

Because about 77% of the sodium Americans eat comes from packaged, prepared and restaurant foods, reaching more moderate levels of sodium in these foods will be a big help. And, this example shows us that sodium reduction is possible in many types of foods. We see what great strides are being made, but more is needed for public health. It’s time for other companies to join the efforts being made tech more moderate levels of sodium.

Action from more companies and from government will help make sure all of us eat better and live healthier. Thank you for joining our movement to eat healthy and choose less salt.

There are already 98,000 of you who are supporting the sodium breakup campaign. With your help, we will continue to make sure companies hear loud and clear that you expect better food options with more moderate levels of sodium. And we say: Heart-Health to All!

Kudos to General Mills for leading the way—who will be next to make sodium reduction a priority?