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School meals are getting a little less salty

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young girl eating school lunchWhat kids eat at school is important to their learning and their health. Just in time for back to school, we have good news. Companies continue to hear us: it’s time to offer healthier foods with lower sodium. And they’re taking action!

Here’s the latest success story:

Among other companieslike, Revolution Foods, politico reported that Schwan’s and Domino’s are offering lower sodium foods for school lunches. Revolution Foods even has a pizza that meets sodium standards targeted for the 2022 school year! Their leadership is helping to ensure that our children eat healthier. Now, that’s something we can be happy about!

In fact, the CDC took a look at school meals in 2014 and compared it to other school years. They found huge improvements in school meals. Get this: over half of the schools used cooking skills that lowered sodium in school meals, like boosting flavor by using other seasonings instead of salt. And that’s not all. Almost all schools offered whole grain foods each day for breakfast and lunch, and most offered at least two vegetables and two or more fruits each day.

Because over 25% of the sodium kids eat on a school day comes from school food, reducing sodium in school meals will be a big help. It also helps to set them up for a lifetime of better eating, instead of training them to crave salty foods.

Action from more companies and from government will help make sure all of us eat better and live healthier. Thank you for joining our movement to eat healthy and choose less salt. There are already 95,000 of you who support reducing sodium and eating healthier for yourself, your family and your community.

With your help, we will continue to make sure companies hear loud and clear that you expect lower sodium options. That’s why it’s critical we thank the companies that take action.

How will you thank Revolution Foods, Domino’s and Schwan’s? Let us know in the comments.