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Voluntary Sodium Targets Predicted to Reduce Costs and Improve Lives

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Voluntary Sodium Targets Predicted to Reduce Costs and Improve Lives

We’ve talked a lot about the FDA’s draft voluntary sodium targets that were published for public comment in June 2016.  The targets set voluntary limits on the amount of sodium in processed and restaurant foods, by food category. Since more than 70% of the sodium we eat comes from processed and restaurant foods, the American Heart Association has applauded FDA’s (and the food industry’s) efforts to reduce sodium in the food supply.


Today, the FDA has even more reasons to advance the targets. A study that modeled the impact of these targets found that if implemented, the targets could improve millions of lives and save more than $40 billion over 20 years. Wow – that’s a big impact!  This shows the importance of the work that FDA could do to move the sodium reduction targets forward and the impact that the food industry could make on the lives of Americans

So, is the FDA doing anything about it?

A couple of weeks ago, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, during his remarks at the National Food Policy Conference, emphasized the importance of sodium reduction to the health of Americans:

There remains no single more effective public health action related to nutrition than the reduction of sodium in the diet.”   

Dr. Gottlieb also said that he is committed to advancing the short-term targets and continuing a dialogue on longer-term reduction efforts. 

This study is proof positive that this strategy will work and shows why the FDA’s sodium reduction initiative should move forward without delay. And on top of that, we know that people like you support this approach.

The majority of Americans want more control over the ingredients in their food, especially the amount of sodium in processed and restaurant foods. And, Americans support government action to make it happen. In fact, 62% of consumers believe that government should be involved in setting limits on the amount of sodium added by food companies and restaurants.

18AHA122-Hold-The-Salt-IG-FIN-01.jpgClick image for a readable version of this infographic.

And, we are seeing progress. Several major food companies and restaurants have been working to reduce sodium in their foods, and it’s time to encourage more companies to make similar efforts!

Now it’s time for the FDA to level the playing field for food companies and advance the voluntary sodium targets.

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